GI-Dagstuhl IoT Hackathon 2017

July 23-28, 2017, Dagstuhl, Germany

IoT Hackathon: From Research to Practice

The objective of the first GI-Dagstuhl Hackathon is to explore challenging problems in the Internet of Things (IoT) by both design discussions and practical prototyping of technical solutions. A special focus will be on potentials of information-centric networking for the IoT.

The hackathon will bring together advanced students and early career researchers with senior scientists from academia and industry. The hackathon will consist of some technical background sessions and mostly hands-on hacking.

Please note that the GI-Dagstuhl Hackathon will take place one week after IETF 99 in Prague, which will offer an official two-day hackathon. We highly encourage participants of the GI-Dagstuhl Hackathon to attend the IETF as well, to warm up and experience overall two weeks of protocol engineering and hacking.

We had a very productive week … thanks to all!