GI-Dagstuhl IoT Hackathon 2017

July 23-28, 2017, Dagstuhl, Germany

Submission guidelines

Submit the following details in a single PDF file to the organizers

  • brief CV.
  • brief motivation statement.
  • topics that you are interested in.
  • link to your code repository (e.g., GitHub), if available.
  • indication if you plan to attend IETF 99 as well.

Feel free to already sketch a concrete project that you want to work on.

Note that all code contributions of the GI-Dagstuhl Hackathon will be open source and made publicly available via GitHub.

If you never visited Schloss Dagstuhl before, we encourage you to have a brief look into the venue description.

We hope that the hackathon will be a fun event for all and that projects will lead to collaborations extending beyond the Hackathon.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact the organizers.