GI-Dagstuhl IoT Hackathon 2017

July 23-28, 2017, Dagstuhl, Germany


The organizers will propose a list of topics that need exploration and practical work. This list will be distributed among the participants, as well as basic system requirements to conduct the hands-on coding. The organizers will also solicit additional topics from the participants. Additional topics may arise during the seminar and will be dynamically included. As a result, the seminar will provide a validation or falsification of the explored ideas, as well as specifications and implementations where possible. All implementations will be open source and made publicly available via GitHub.

The topics of interest for this GI-Dagstuhl Hackathon include but are not limited to

  • application of ICN concepts to IoT.
  • extending, enhancing, unifying existing ICN codebases for well-known IoT operating systems such as RIOT.
  • exploring data-centric security in IoT, trying out various security methods, evaluating feasibility, etc.
  • other non-ICN topics for IoT.